About Claire

Hi! I’m Claire

I combine nutrition, health coaching and meditation to help clients find freedom from their symptoms, feel energised and achieve their health goals. My goal is to help you feel like yourself again – healthy and vibrant inside and out.

I am passionate about working with my clients to help them to restore their energy, find their balance and get back in command of their health.

My heart breaks when I hear about how exhausted you are by constant research as you try to get to the bottom of their symptoms and get back in control of your health.

If you are searching for answers to your long-term health issues and have forgotten how it feels to be well or have developed a range of coping mechanisms to deal with some of your more “embarrassing symptoms” then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll help you find the root cause of your symptoms and begin your journey back to health.

Change isn’t always easy and so you will receive support throughout as well as non-judgmental environment where you can share your experience and be heard.

I will help you to create a healthier, more vibrant life through sustainable nutrition and lifestyle habits.




Top Irish Nutritionists


Best bespoke nutrition programme 2022, Most dedicated holistic nutritionist (ROI) 2023
Best bespoke nutrition programme 2022, Most dedicated holistic nutritionist (ROI) 2023 
Best bespoke nutrition programme 2022, Most dedicated holistic nutritionist (ROI) 2023
Best Nutritionist 2023 (Global)
Honest and Goodness by Claire

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Work with Me

Together we will get to the root cause of what is happening with you and your health. I will ask you questions, review your current test results and talk through your day to day life to see how a naturopathic nutrition and lifestyle programme fits.

I will then create a tailor-made plan to support your health goals. This is a bespoke approach and no two clients will receive the same programme.

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Honest and Goodness by Claire
honest and goodness

The journey back to health starts from within — and I’m here to help you.

A pro!

I worked with Claire over a three month period. I had awful stomach/digestive issues at the beginning of this process. Claire is a pro! She is equipped with a vast knowledge and has a great plan to get your stomach and digestion back to working the way it should! Would highly recommend this service! Thanks again Claire!


Substantial improvements

I went to see Claire after having a heart attack. I was looking for dietary/lifestyle advice. I felt very comfortable and safe with Claire, she was trustworthy, with a kind, gentle demeanor. Thankfully, I am now in a better place and have made substantial improvements – all due to following Claire’s guidance.


my health had constantly improved

I have been going to Claire O’Brien after being diagnosed with health issues.That has been [the] best decision I made to improve health and well-being. Following Claire’s diet and nutritional advice my health had constantly improved.


A great help for me

It was great help for me and will definitely recommend trying it I feel more energetic and my blood tests improved much thank you very much Claire.


My Journey

I started my own business in winter 2019, just a few short weeks before the first lockdown. I left my corporate job of over 15 years to pursue my purpose and build a life I love.



I was sitting on a beach with my son a few years ago feeling content, relaxed and free. Very different to how day to day life felt at that moment.

I decided there and then to redesign my life so that I could feel like that most days. I started with meditation, and energy work to start to redress the balance. I then also began to work on nutrition, boundaries and mindset work. Creating habits that supported my health and well being instead of working against it.

I became qualified in nutrition, mediation, energy work, and coaching and now combine this with coaching and mentoring experience from my corporate career. This allows me to create programmes to help people like you (and me) to overcome your health issues, rebalance your energy and create the kind of life that you never even dared to dream about.

Honest and Goodness by Claire