Honest and Goodness by Claire

Functional (Lab) Testing

I work with a number of reputable and accredited laboratories including Genova Diagnostics, York Test, Nordic Labs, Invivo, MyDNA Health and Regenerus Laboratories to provide functional (or laboratory) testing. This allows me and my clients to select the most appropriate test(s).

Many regular laboratory tests measure the indications of disease which can be restrictive in understanding the total health picture. Tests are based on saliva, blood, urine and stools. The more commonly used tests in clinic at the moment are related to gastrointestinal function (digestion)

Honest and Goodness by Claire
Honest and Goodness by Claire

These include tests for Candida, SIBO, H. Pylori, Parasites, Hormone Imbalance, Thyroid Function, Vitamin and Mineral Status.

FAQs About Functional Testing

  • Do You Work With Accredited Labs?

    Yes, I work with ISO certified and accredited labs in the EU, UK and US to provide a wide variety of reliable tests to help you find the answers you deserve.

  • What About Other Tests I’ve Had?

    In our consultation I will go through your blood test results and any other tests results you may have. Looking at all your test results will ensure we have a full picture of your health and allow me to create a plan that allows you to return to health and well being.

  • Which Test Is Right For Me?

    For some individuals they will know exactly the results, answers or tests they are looking for.

    For others they may feel that they just haven’t got to the root of what is going on and feel like they aren’t being heard.

    If this sounds like you, please get in touch, it breaks my heart to hear of people feeling ignored or spending time and money on tests that don’t provide the answers you deserve.