Good Honest Talk Podcast

Earlier this year I sat down with a group of amazing wellness professionals, each with their own unique story. Each with their own unique wisdom and humanity.

In social media we often experience this pressure to be perfect. To show up as our best selves and show our highlight reels. It has created this idea that wellness professionals are either guru’s to be lauded or frauds to be torn down but the truth is most people who get into the arena of health and well because they are human. They are real, rounded people, foibles and all.

We have learned some useful things, either from unfortunate personal experience or through education and we want to share. To be useful. To help.

And WOW is there such an amazing wealth of information out there. A kind of vastness and subtlety that cannot be captured in a 30 second video. The level of helpfulness that’s difficult to express in a blog.

The idea for a podcast was formed then and it has become Good Honest Talk. A podcast for those in search of health, hope and harmony.

I’ve learned so much recording this podcast already and I cannot wait for you to hear it.

Good Honest Talk Podcast

The podcast is now available where ever you get your podcasts, including Spotify and Apple.

Good Honest Talk is a space to dive into the nitty gritty of wellbeing with compassion and understanding. Featuring real unfiltered conversations about what it means to take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically.

No judgement, no unrealistic exceptions, just good honest talk!

I’d love to hear your feedback and guest suggestions.