S1 Ep 4 | Vick Ind, The Individual Plant Nursery

Good Honest Talk

Welcome to Episode 4 of Good Honest Talk.

In this episode, Claire is joined by Vick Ind, a horticulturist and business owner. 

Her business Individual Plant Nursery, is a small plant nursery based in west Waterford that specialises in rare, uncommon and quirky plans. All Vick’s plants are produced on-site from seed or cuttings & grown without rubbish applied or added. 

Vick began working as a gardener at Lismore Castle Gardens in 2013 & over the next decade honed her trade, eventually taking on the role of ornamental gardens supervisor. However, due to her MS diagnosis, Vick needed to change the way she worked and prioritise her own wellbeing. 

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After some experimentation, trial and error learning and encouragement from loved ones and the brilliant horticulture community, Vick will open Individual Plants Nursery in Spring 2024.

In this episode we discuss 

  • How Vick got into plants 
  • Tips for spring gardening and a thriving garden
  • Cooperation over competition with business owners in your industry 
  • The journey to self employment 
  • The power of social media, find your voice and using Instagram for business 


This podcast is hosted by functional nutritionist and life coach Claire O’Brien. Claire is the founder of Honest and Goodness Nutrition

Good Honest Talk is a space to dive into the nitty gritty of wellbeing with compassion and understanding. This is a podcast for people in search of health and harmony. 

Featuring real unfiltered conversations about what it means to take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically. 

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