S1 EP2 | Lorraine Shanahan, Art Therapist

Good Honest Talk

Welcome to Episode 2 of Good Honest Talk.

Welcome to Episode 2 of Good Honest Talk!

In this episode, Claire is joined by Lorraine Shanahan, Art Therapist at The Lismore Clinic in Co. Waterford. Lorraine holds a BSc honours degree in Fine Art from Liverpool University and a Masters Degree in Art Therapy from the Crawford College of Art and design in Cork. 

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She is a member of the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists (IACAT), and has a great deal of experience of working with both adults and children. 

Lorraine has been working there in private practice since 2008. I work mainly with children and teenagers but have worked with adults. Since 2014 I work as an Art Therapist for Dungarvan and Rinn School Completion Programme. She works as an Art Therapist in the clinic for Oasis house women’s refuge, Solas cancer support and Carers Ireland.

For the past couple of years has been creatively celebrating International Women’s Day in the Foroige building in Lismore.

“I create a safe, welcoming space and invite women to come along, get crafty, enjoy refreshments and support each other and maybe new friendships are formed.”

Lorraine also loves working with groups of women and this year she ran 2 Art Therapy group workshops with women from Ukraine and women living in direct provision –  IPAS kindly funded by Waterford Area Partnership.

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In this episode we discuss 

  • How you don’t need supplies to get creative grab the back of an envelope, a biro and make a mark!
  • Children walking away from creativity at age 10/11 and the impact of kids feeling they are not good enough on their creativity 
  • The key to art therapy is about the process, not the outcome or finished product 
  • That you do not need to be good at art to engage with art therapy 
  • How art therapy works, the process and benefits 
  • Art is a form of communication and connection that we need to weave art into throughout out day and lives 
  • How wordy our society is
  • The key as a parent is looking after yourself  
  • The intention ‘I am taking this time for myself”
  • Creativity is a way to connection with your children 
  • Silence is undervalued and boredom is important 
  • Your diary needs space to BE!
  • The need for boundaries

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact Lorraine by email  lorraineshanahan1@gmail.com on 087 773 0089.


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