S1 Ep 3 | Wellness Round Table with Lorraine Shanahan, Rachel Beare and Vick Ind

Good Honest Talk

Welcome to Episode 3 of Good Honest Talk.

In this episode, Claire is joined by three incredible wellness professionals Lorraine Shanahan, Rachel Beare and Vick Ind.

Each guest has or will feature in an individual episode of this podcast to allow you to get to them better and understand their work.

Episode 1 with Rachel Beare

Episode 2 with Lorraine Shanahan

Episode 4 with Vick Ind coming 17th January

Episode 5 Claire O’Brien solo episode coming 24th January

In this episode we discuss

  • Goal setting and setting themes for 2024
  • What 2023 has taught us and how that will shape 2024
  • Dealing with self doubt and over working
  • Trusting the process
  • Finding the fun and if the fun isn’t coming, creating it
  • Putting our energy into the right places
  • Creating time to just be yourself

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This podcast is hosted by functional nutritionist and life coach Claire O’Brien. Claire is the founder of Honest and Goodness Nutrition.

Good Honest Talk is a space to dive into the nitty gritty of wellbeing with compassion and understanding. This is a podcast for people in search of health and harmony.

Featuring real unfiltered conversations about what it means to take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically.

No judgements, no unrealistic exceptions, just good honest talk!


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