S1 EP5 | Meet the host – Claire O’Brien

Good Honest Talk

Welcome to Episode 5 of Good Honest Talk.

Welcome to Episode 5 of Good Honest Talk.

On this episode, meet the host of Good Honest Talk, Claire O’Brien. Claire wasn’t always working in wellbeing, she spent many years working a stressful corporate job trying to balance it all and spending a good chunk of her income on retreats, massages, meditation workshops and more trying her best to stay well. 

This year Claire marks her fifth year in business with Honest and Goodness Nutrition. Claire  is a functional medicine trained, holistic nutritionist,  accredited coach and breathwork facilitator. 

In this episode Claire shares:

  • first introduction to nutritional therapy
  • her journey with health and wellness 
  • the range of qualifications she has obtained in recent years including functional medicine, life coaching, breathwork and reiki
  • what an example way of working with her looks like

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This podcast is hosted by functional nutritionist and life coach Claire O’Brien. Claire is the founder of ⁠Honest and Goodness Nutrition⁠

Good Honest Talk is a space to dive into the nitty gritty of wellbeing with compassion and understanding. This is a podcast for people in search of health and harmony. 

Featuring real unfiltered conversations about what it means to take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically. 

No judgements, no unrealistic exceptions, just good honest talk!


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