S1 EP8 | Skin Health

In this episode, Claire is joined by Lynn Shead, a community herbalist and business owner of Natures Alchemy. 

Nature’s Alchemy stems from Lynn’s own personal battle with sensitive skin and love of plants.  Lynn suffered for years with psoriasis and two of her three children suffer with eczema. 

This gave Lynn her ‘why’, to help ease sensitive skin issues for every single customer and helps me in the design of new products.


In this episode we discuss 

  • Lynn’s career journey to now 
  • Her role as a community herbalist 
  • The power of herbs 
  • The lack of joined up thinking in the medical system 
  • The power of improving your gut health 
  • The challenges of dealing with a skin conditions 
  • The benefit of natural cream vs medical creams 
  • The seasons of our lives particularly the transition to parenthood and mom guilt 
  • Rediscovering your passions fro childhood / teenage years
  • Herbs for women health and hormones
  • The impact of fragrances on our overall well being 

Natures Alchemy sensitive skincare, inspired by the magic of nature.  Created by scientist turned herbalist Lynn after years struggling to find products that didn’t irritate her psoriasis or inflame her children’s eczema.

Natures Alchemy blends only the highest quality natural ingredients with organic native Irish herbs to help calm redness, soothe itch and repair dry sensitive skin. Handcrafted in Co. Waterford, all products are chemical free, cruelty free and sustainable.


This podcast is hosted by functional nutritionist and life coach Claire O’Brien. Claire is the founder of Honest and Goodness Nutrition

Good Honest Talk is a space to dive into the nitty gritty of wellbeing with compassion and understanding. This is a podcast for people in search of health and harmony. 

Featuring real unfiltered conversations about what it means to take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically. 

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