The Starter Kit


Introducing the Honest & Goodness Starter Kit

The starter kit is designed to to help you dive deeper into what’s really affecting your health. So often we have a collection of symptoms or things that are going on and it’s really hard to make sense of it or put it together as an overall picture. This starter kit will help you to dive into what is going on with your health on a day-to-day basis but also looking at the longer term picture as to where things may have started from.

Daily Wellness Log

Starting with this daily wellness log, which you can print out and use, it’s a print-ready PDF so you can use it digitally or you can copy it into your own journal. It’s your opportunity to look at your daily health intention so that you can stay on track. and ask yourself what it is you want to achieve out of the day?

There is water tracker and you know how many glasses of water you’re having, what kind of activity you’re doing, bowel movements and mood tracking.

So often we miss the mood. It’s a of the tracking when it comes to our food. It could be that you have lunch and feel really tired or really grumpy or really happy afterwards or that you are really like overly hungry or overly full afterwards. Coming up to like maybe around your period or around stressful events or travel. You want to really track that mood and see how your health is affecting both your physical and emotional well-being.

There is spaces to track your breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks and as well as how you are feeling afterwards. To record how we supported ourselves, what our highlights of the day were, any other thoughts or reflections on the day. We know that the power of you know gratitude and recording really gives us that like deeper insight into our long-term health and well-being.

Health Intention Setting

The second part of the tracker is around, in intention setting. It’s really important for us to really get clear about what you really want and how you really want to feel. And if we’ve been ill for quite a long time or if symptoms are ongoing for quite a long time, we might start to feel like it’s not possible to feel well anymore. We might start to limit those intentions. So this helps to create a space where all things are possible again, to really reflect on what your intentions are and to really get into how you will support yourself.

This exercise encourages you to visualize the end result and keep that really really solid in your own mindset so that you can then set your health intentions. There’s just a space there to record your top, your three or four health intentions.

Your Health Timeline

This is a really brief history of your health. It’s based on the functional medicine matrix model where we’re really looking at anything of that. It might have happened pre-birth and so while your mum was pregnant with you, any stressors or health conditions there at birth and then moving forward through childhood illness and through to the present and say record any major events, any operations, any medication, even if it’s not related to your current set of symptoms.

Then we want to have a good record of your family or parental health, conditions that might be common in the family or that your parents might, or the siblings or wider family, even if it’s not related directly to your current set of symptoms. Also recording any other triggers, whether they are stress or food or environmental or otherwise here,. Plus factors positive or negative that impact on your health. For example exercise, eating in certain environments, travel.

Habit Tracker

The Starter Kit is designed to work with my 2024 habit tracker to help keep up your health intentions. Together they help you to dive deeper into your health history and really start to think about where things started to change and shift and what your main symptoms are now and also the variety of things that can affect us and to really start to look at ourselves and our body.

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