Why bloating is stealing your energy and confidence – and what to do about it

Over the last 3 years I’ve seen so many busy, frustrated people suffering with ongoing  bloating and other digestion problems. 

They have tried everything to beat the bloat. They’ve been to see doctors, tried the low FODMAP or other recommended diet plans, taken the supplements, tried the apps and still experience bloating. 

Their friends, family (Mum) and loved ones have supported them, made helpful and not so helpful suggestions and still nothing has changed.

 It breaks my heart to hear how exhausted they are by constant research and how much their confidence has been knocked by persistent bloating – pregnant belly, hard belly, sore, gassy belly, bloating. 

 The belly bloat causes anxiety, can ruin special occasions like a wedding, birthday or holiday. It hurts their relationship with food and makes them detached or disappointed in themselves and their body. 

 In their first appointment they share things like:

  • I’m struggling with bloating and pain and nothing you try seems to work
  • I feel self conscious about my bloated belly – I look 3 months pregnant
  • I feel anxious about what my stomach will do, I dread holidays or spontaneous plans.
  • I have a second wardrobe for when my bloating is really bad
  • I just don’t feel sexy or attractive right now, my libido is gone
  • I don’t feel comfortable staying overnight at my partners house, they think I’m not really into them
  • I’m worried about going to restaurants or friends’ houses. What if I bloat and have to go home or getting really bad gas.
  • If I wear a nice dress for an event I end up really bloated and have to change
  • My stomach bloats regardless of what or how little eat
  • My stomach feels heavy and sore and I don’t even feel like leaving the house
  • Everything I eat gives me gas and bloating

 Can you relate?

 All these things make you think one thing: what am I doing wrong? If I’m not getting better, I must be doing it wrong, I’m just a mess. Why can’t I get it right and just be normal. There are bigger problems in the world, maybe I should just suck it up and pretend I’m ok.

 I have to say at first I was a bit taken aback by this, I didn’t realise how much you were punishing yourself and feeling like you were responsible for your symptoms. 

You have the right to feel good in your body

You have the right to take your bloating seriously and reclaim your energy, concentration and self confidence. To feel like you can enjoy food and eat anywhere (without checking the menu first). 

Close your eyes and imagine walking into work or an event with no bloating, feeling confident, energised and joyful.  

  • To not live with the background stress of wondering how your stomach will react. 
  • To go through everyday free from brain fog and being able to really focus. 
  • To have amazing energy levels
  • To feel calm and relaxed on holidays and not have to bring an armful of tablets
  • To walk into the gym and know that your exercise efforts show
  • To feel good in your body 

It is possible and you fully deserve to feel that way. 

Where is your energy going?

When you experience bloating your digestive system sends messages to your brain saying I don’t feel good, something is wrong. This causes your brain to go into hyperalert, looking for danger. But, there is no bear, nothing physically causing you to be dangerous. 

You become tired but wired. Unable to fully relax you are using more energy and end up tired all day but unable to sleep at night time. You might also wake during the night or find that no matter how much sleep you get, you don’t feel restored. 

Shoulder, back and neck pain is common too. As your body is on high alert, it is constantly keeping those muscles switched on. Ready to fight or flee at any moment. You may have tired eyes from searching for danger unknown to yourself and you don’t digest as well (it’s not a priority when you are being chased by a bear), leading to more bloating. 

You may find yourself addicted to looking at your phone. A lovely light up box full of danger possibilities that your brain can use as evidence of a threat.

All of this leads to mood changes – feeling irritable from tiredness and being on alert, feeling anxious because of an unknown threat, feeling like you can’t focus because your brain is looking for danger. 

How to get rid of bloating fast

There are many different reasons for bloating, from hormonal balance to food sensitivities, IBS, bacteria overgrowth, stress, eating fibre and getting to the root cause of the bloating is the fastest way to banish bloating and feel good. 

There are some tried and tested ways to reduce bloating that can help anyone experience issues these include:

  • Breath work – abdominal breathing to relax muscles and send more blood flow
  • Eating small, nutrient dense meals that are easy to breakdown e.g. soups, stews
  • Fennel Tea before meals to reduce gas
  • Avoiding processed carbohydrates, processed sugars, carbonated drinks and high fat foods

 These will help you to reduce bloating but to truly banish bloating for good finding the root cause of your bloating will give you the freedom, confidence and energy you deserve. 

Not sure where to start?

If you know you want to understand what is causing your bloating and how to beat it once and for all  but don’t know where to start then my  free webinar How to banish bloating and regain your energy and confidence  is for you!

Running on Friday, 11th November at 1pm, I’ll take you through the steps to reasons for your bloating, the steps to banish it for good and what tools you need.

You’ll walk away with the information you need to feel good in your body.

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