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Honest & Goodness by Claire

A supportive space where you can tell your story and be truly heard. From here we will create a bespoke nutrition & lifestyle plan to get you on the path to better health.

Can I truly feel better?

Many people like you come to their first appointment with questions or concerns like:

  • Have you ever met someone in as bad health as me?
  • I feel like my body is telling me something, but I’m not sure what.
  • My symptoms are so embarrassing, how can I control it?
  • I’m not like the other people, I have a busy complicated schedule, how do I make it work for me?
  • I read this on the internet is it true?
  • It’s really embarrassing but it’s been like this forever, can it change?
  • I’m so tired of trying to get better, will this work for me?

We spend time talking through your health up to this point and your experience, what helps, what doesn’t and the coping skills you’ve acquired along the way. From there, change is possible and we can start to support your body in doing what it does best.

Honest and Goodness by Claire
Honest and Goodness by Claire

Break the cycle

So many of my clients have been where you are now – in the middle of a cycle that involves pushing to be heard, having your concerns be ignored, giving up and feeling down hearted and frustrated . Then picking your last bit of energy up to try to find your own solution.

It’s as exhausting as it sounds.

This is your opportunity to take back some control over your health and move forward knowing that you have done your best and this time you will be doing it with support and encouragement. If you feel your body is trying to tell you something, let’s listen.

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Supportive & professional

Claire is incredibly supportive, professional and completely knowledgeable in her field. She provided a follow up appointment to go through the results of my DUTCH test in detail


Kind, gentle demeanor

I felt very comfortable and safe with Claire, she was trustworthy, with a kind, gentle demeanor. Thankfully, I am now in a better place and have made substantial improvements – all due to following Claire’s guidance.