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Honest and Goodness by Claire

4 week 1-2-1 IBS reset programme

It’s time for you to discover what it’s like to have a triumphant tummy, one that supports you as you dance through your day – and look amazing in THAT dress you’ve had your eye on. To confidently stand up at that meeting and present your ideas. With this 4 week 1-2-1 holistic wellbeing programme focused on your IBS, candida (thrush) or reflux issues, you’ll get this and more.

Honest and Goodness by Claire

Let’s take you from IBS to “oh heck, YES!”

I know, right now you’re feeling run down and overrun by daily life. Wasn’t this life thing supposed to be fun?

Frankly, life isn’t what it’s cracked up to be…

You’re struggling to get through the day between work and chores. You’re dodging mirrors at all costs – between the skin eruptions, trapped wind and the bloating you constantly feel like you’re “having an ugly day” – and it’s taking its toll on your confidence.

You’re squeezing in trips to the gym a few times a week but you still just feel so uncomfortable in your body – and you’d go more if the bloating didn’t make you cringe with embarrassment at the idea of all those mirrors and toned people whilst you’re rocking your 5 months pregnant look.

You deserve all of this…

To live a life in gut harmony, free from bloat and dashes to the toilet, where you feel in control of your health with tools to manage flare ups. 

  • Waking up each day with a smile plastered across your face because you are exactly where
    you’ve always dreamed you’d be.
  • Throwing your wardrobe open wide and being excited to get dressed and dive into the day
    because you feel good and you look fantastic.
  • Friends and gym buddies asking for your tips and tricks because you are simply glowing.
  • Saying, “YES” to the Big Moves, invitations, promotions, date nights and opportunities that
    keep coming your way, attracted to your incredible energy.

… And so much more.

Honest and Goodness by Claire

Oh, I am IN

Yes you CAN find…

The guidance and support you need, to explore what’s really going on with your IBS  symptoms
Someone to turn to, who will go above and beyond for you, like you do for everyone else. Your own glowing gut, free from reflux, flare ups and irritations. One that works in harmony with you living your best life.

Honest and Goodness by Claire

I’m SO ready for this!

Claire was so knowledgeable and really supported me in getting to the root of the problem rather than just treating symptoms.

“…like finding a hidden gem”

“Wow, I stumbled across Claire and it was like finding a hidden gem. She was fantastic to work with. She went above and beyond with all my needs. Plus her wealth of information is incredible. Her aftercare and advice was absolutely brilliant. I would highly recommend working with her to anybody. Thanks again Claire.”

Sarah, Kerry

No more digestive disorder

Banish bloating. Craft your own toolbox to take care of yourself long term. Understand and have compassion for your hormones. Soothe stress. And develop digestive delight. All with a little helping hand from this 4 week programme.


Kindness above everything else is what you need. To be listened to without judgment. To be helped in a way that serves you. We’re talking kindness to yourself and compassion for your experiences.


You deserve to have a crystal clear view of what’s really going on for you; that means no more guesswork. Honesty goes hand in hand with kindness.


Change doesn’t have to feel hard, overwhelming and complicated.  You deserve to feel what it’s like with someone in your corner, cheering for you.


You’re a high achiever, you’re organised, driven. It’s time for you to grow towards your purpose in a way that is nurturing and compassionate.

This is for you if…

  • You’ve been feeling run down and stressed, for longer than you’d like to admit and you are beyond ready to take action.
  • You’re eager to put things in place so you can say bye-bye to IBS / reflux / bloating / candida flares.
  • You know there’s got to be more to life than covering up your embarrassing symptoms and fobbing off invitations in case your gut doesn’t play ball.

This is NOT for you if…

  • You just want to chuck some supplements or something at it, that’ll do the job won’t it?
  • When it comes to making lifestyle changes, your response is, “Oh, actually, things aren’t really that bad.”
  • You have a chronic / more serious health issue that’s still under investigation. This programme is suitable for minor health conditions and is not a diagnostic tool.

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  • 2 x 1-2-1 online or in person consultations within a 4 week period.
  • 1 x 30 min check in.
  • Email support for 6 weeks.
  • In depth analysis of your health questionnaire.
  • Food diary analysis.
  • Review of previous tests and blood tests.
  • Time involved in researching and preparing your case to offer you the best possible advice.
  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle action plans that suits you and your lifestyle.
  • Useful resources, handouts, and meal suggestions.
  • Referral letters to your GP, if required.
  • Bespoke supplement plans.
  • 20% discount on recommended supplements.
  • Available add-on: Food intolerance testing, DUTCH Testing.

“I have been working with Claire for 3 months now and it has been truly transformative. I am healing my gut, which has improved so many aspects of my life. Claire is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable and validating. She has supported me not only through testing, nutrition and recipes, but through coaching, deep listening, mindfulness and meditation as she is skilled in so many areas and intuitively knows what I need each time. I feel so fully seen and supported during and after each session. Her follow up emails and support between meetings is invaluable. I highly recommend Claire to anyone who is seeking full and deep healing and change in their lives.”

Deirdre Ryan, MscEd

Honest and Goodness by Claire

Your guide on this journey

Hi, I’m Claire. I know that IBS, candida (thrush) and reflux interrupt your sleep, change how you feel about yourself, food and your body.  I’m here to listen to you, give you the tools you need and to support you so that you can live life in gut harmony, free from bloating and dashes to the toilet,  one where you feel in control of your gut health.

Honest and Goodness by Claire

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  • Can I split payments?

    Yes you can, check out the payment plan options here or get in touch with me if you have questions or suggestions.

  • How do the online sessions work?

    Online sessions are delivered on Zoom or WhatsApp. You’ll get access to the booking link and calendar so you can book your sessions at a time that suits you.

  • I’m in the UK, can we still work together?

    Yes, the online programmes are available to anyone outside of Ireland (within my normal working hours). If you live outside of the EU, there may be a difference in taxes and charges. There is full transparency in this, and you’ll know exactly what this looks like before you sign up.

  • How do I share previous testing / reports with you?

    You can upload your previous testing and reports securely through my online portal. You can find out more about this here in my privacy policy.

  • How much does additional testing cost?

    The cost of additional testing varies depending on what you would like to test. Stool tests, for example, cost from €250, DUTCH testing is from €450, while specific blood tests vary and cost from €170. For a guide price, visit my shop for details or book a free clarity call to discuss your specific needs.

  • What is DUTCH testing?

    DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) testing is a type of advanced hormone testing that provides a comprehensive assessment of ayour hormone levels and metabolites. It is a non-invasive and accurate way to measure hormone imbalances and gain valuable insights into hormonal health.

    DUTCH testing differs from traditional blood hormone tests because it analyses hormone levels and metabolites in dried urine samples collected throughout the day and night. This method offers a more complete picture of hormonal fluctuations and provides information about the body’s hormone metabolism.

  • Do you benefit from me buying the supplements you recommend?

    The greatest benefit for me when you buy the supplements I recommend is that they support your long-term goals and help your plan. I see supplements as being like temporary supports to help you build foundations and get back on track. I pass along discounts to my clients (20%) to make these supplements more affordable. I choose only the supplements I believe in and ingredients I know work for you.

  • I’m vegan, will your plan cater for me?

    Yes, If you are vegan, I will ensure that all food plans, recipes and any supplements we use are vegan.

Honest and Goodness by Claire

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